Subspace Hunter

In 2023, subspatial fissures appear around the world, and biological weapons from different dimensions invade the plane of reality. To this end, XuKing has developed a game that allows humans to see subspace creatures through special glasses, and fight against these enemies from different dimensions to defend the reality plane. The game will be an action game, providing cold weapons, firearms two different types of combat tools, players can combine them to form their own unique fighting style, clever use of different ways to fight with the enemy. Players need to observe different enemy fighting methods to make different battle changes, after a long time of training and fighting to grow into a qualified "subspace hunter" to protect our reality plane.

Early Access version description:
This version is to try the early access version, providing a certain number of swords, guns and dozens of featured enemy duel battles, as well as the survival mode of the game experience of annihilation war, this version does not represent the final quality of the game, the game price will increase with the update of the content.

Description of existing game content:
13 enemies of different fighting styles, 4 annihilation missions, total more than 12 hours of gameplay experience.

Development plan:
1. Online multiplayer online games :PVE, PVP
2. Offline LAN MR Multiplayer online games :PVE, PVP
3.Rouguelite+RPG game system
4. Role development system