In ShapesXR anybody can start creating in 3D without prior experience within minutes. You can design and prototype your immersive app, invite others to co-create in real-time, build interactive prototypes, and present them during design reviews. You can also share your creation with anybody without a VR headset via the Web, the Unity plugin, or just a picture for your 2D deck.

ShapesXR's powerful feature set provides value to everybody involved in the creation of immersive apps:

- As a Designer, you can create in 3D without experience in game engines, test the design and layout of your UI in space and create interactive prototypes you can test with users
- As a Developer, you get a 3D handover directly in Unity of the design intent and user flow without making guesses from 2D images reducing rework and misunderstanding
- As a product owner or leader you get the chance to review the design spatially before any costly development starts and get valuable concepts you can share with clients or investors and pitch the product vision.