Blacktop Hoops

Become the 🐐GOAT in Blacktop Hoops, the ultimate VR basketball game. Pull off insane dribble combos, break ankles, sink impressive shots, and unleash jaw-dropping dunks to defeat real-world players or AI opponents in casual or competitive multiplayer pickup games. Play through an epic campaign career mode, dominate the courts online, and design your perfect avatar.

🐐Epic Campaign: Embark on a gripping journey, battle iconic streetball bosses, and immerse yourself in a story-rich narrative experience to become the greatest baller of all time.

🏀Diverse Game Modes: Dominate the court in 1sv1, 2vs2, 3vs3, and 4vs4 pickup matches or hone your skills solo in training. Play 2vs2 AI and finish sick alley oops or try out CourtCam mode for a more casual third person arcade experience.

⛹️Advanced AI Opponents: Hoop against smart, responsive AI with hundreds of unique animations and tendencies, ensuring every match feels fresh.

🗽Stunning Environments: Play across 8 beautifully crafted basketball courts across the globe including Oakland, Los Angeles, New York City, and Athens.

👥Casual Multiplayer: Team up with friends or make new ones in casual online parks, perfect for laid-back pickup matches.

👟Customizable Avatars: Get dripped out with over 300 customization options for your avatar, from sunglasses to sneakers, making your avatar uniquely yours.

🏆Competitive Multiplayer: Go solo or grab your squad, climb the rankings, and compete on global leaderboards each season in skill-based matchmaking.

🐔Fun Modifiers: Add a twist to your single-player experience with unique modifiers like slow-motion, chicken ball, and giant opponents.

🎮Realistic VR Basketball: Experience basketball like never before with intuitive VR controls that let you dribble, shoot, and dunk like a professional basketball player.

🎶Original Soundtrack: Feel the vibes with an original soundtrack featuring over 30 tracks inspired by 90s and 2000s hip hop. This soundtrack is perfect for shooting around with friends or playing solo.

📊Career Profile: Track all of your stats including points, rebounds, assists, and more each season so you see how you stack against the competition.

🎤All-Star Voice Talent: Dive into a vivid world featuring Dante Basco (Zuko in Avatar the Last Airbender), Daniel Amerman (Ezreal in League of Legends), Bobbito Garcia (NBA Street series), and Renee Montgomery (WNBA All-star) bringing every character to life.