During the game, the controller buttons don’t function properly


After launching the game, click the drop-down button of the Steam VR floating window on the PC and click the "Settings" option.

Game NameUnusual Behavior
SuperhotCannot throw out items in hand
BoneworksCannot enter the game

How to use SteamVR community button

Put on the headset to start the game, click the home button on the left-hand controller, open the SteamVR control panel, and click the "Settings" option (you can also do it in SteamVR settings on your computer)

Click on the “Controllers” option in the list on the left side of the settings panel

Click on the second option “MANAGE CONTROLLER BILDINGS”

Click the “CUSTOM” button

Click the “CHOOSE ANOTHER” button

Wait for a while, it will go directly into the button settings page of the game;

Find “Shared binding from Pico Public” in “Community Button Settings”, and click “View”;

In the details page of button settings that opens, click “Choose this button’s settings”. When it’s complete, click the home button on the left-hand controller to go back to the game, then you can run this game normally.

Possible exceptions

After the community button setting is completed, the following prompt may automatically pop up in VR when the game is started next time;

Now, find “Shared bindings from Pico Public” to reset it.

+- Pico Neo 2 or Neo 2 Eye