Specific FAQ for G2 / G2 4K

1. How do I wear the VR headset?

To ensure the clearest possible view, first make sure the lower part of the headset is pressed firmly against your face. Then, turn the upper part of the headset in the direction of the arrow until your forehead is resting against the foam cushioning. Place the headset over your head so that it completely covers your eyes. Make sure you can see the screen clearly.

2. How long can the VR headset hold a full charge?

The battery capacity is 3500mAh. You can typically use a fully charged VR headset for about 3 hours. However, actual usage time may vary depending on the power consumption of the apps or functions running on the VR headset.

3. How do I calibrate the hand controller?

The hand controller is pre-calibrated. There is no user need to calibrate. If you find the hand controller has drifted, and you cannot see the hand controller from inside the headset, point the hand controller horizontally to the front of your field of view, and press and hold the HOME key for more than one second to re-center the hand controller.

4. How do I enter 2D Settings mode?

Hold Confirm button with Volume – button on HMD simultaneously to enter 2D Settings.

Or perform the following steps:

1. Click the Settings icon at the top of the home screen.

2. Click About.

3. Click PUI version 10 times.

4. If the device administrator has enabled PIN protection,enter the PIN

5. Advanced Settings appears to the right of About.

6. Click Advanced Settings to enter 2D Settings.

5. How to transfer data, such as music, pictures, videos and documents, between the VR headset and other devices using a micro SD card?

To add pictures, music, videos, and documents to micro SD card, follow these steps:

1. The micro SD card must be formatted on the VR headset to allow transfer of files with external devices.

2. Insert the micro SD card into the VR headset.

3. Go to Settings ==> Storage ==> SD Card (the name of your own SD Card will be displayed) ==> Navigate to desired content, use controller touchpad to press and hold the content ==> Click the three points in the upper right corner ==> Choose "Move to" ==> Select the "Download" folder.

The selected content will be moved from your micro SD card to headset.

6. Can I just insert a micro SD card into VR headset and view VR180 pictures or videos stored on the micro SD card?

After formatting the micro SD card, and then copying VR180 pictures or videos onto the card via external devices, the VR headset is ready to play the stored media. From the VR headset, access the Settings tab ==> Storage ==> SD Card ==> Navigate to desired media and use controller touchpad to launch using installed media player.

7. How do I perform an online PUI update?

Ensure the headset is connected to Wi-fi, then perform the following steps:

1. Go to Settings ==> General ==> System Update and select "Check update", to check the current PUI version.

2. If a new version is available for download, a pop-up window will appear. Make sure the battery is 40- 100% charged, then click ‘Confirm’ to upgrade the system.


1. On the dashboard, select System Update in the application list.

2. Select "Check update", to check the current PUI version.

3. If a new version is available for download, a pop-up window will appear. Make sure the battery is 40 - 100% charged, then click ‘Confirm’ to upgrade the system.

8. How do I perform an Offline PUI update?

Ensure the battery is 50% - 100% charged, then perform the following steps:

1. Visit Pico developer platform (https://developer.pico-interactive.com/pui/rom) and download the update package.

2. Once downloaded, do not unzip the update package. Copy and paste the update package to a folder named 'dload' in the root directory of Micro-SD card.

3. Put the SD card into the headset. On the dashboard, go to System Update ==> "Offline Update" (or go to Settings ==> General ==> System Update ==> "Offline Update"), and follow the instructions.

Please do not remove the Micro-SD card from the VR headset, or operate the headset in anyway until the update is complete.

9. What is the weight of the VR headset?

The VR headset weights 268g (without the strap).

10. What is the recommended operating area?

At least 0.8 meters (2.6 feet) radius around user needs to be clear.

11. What is the control distance for the hand controller and VR headset?

The devices connect via Bluetooth, and is designed to work for distances of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet).

12. What should I do if the hand controller loses connection?

1. Press the home button to wake up the hand controller for 3-4 seconds. Once pressed, the controller’s blue LED should blink steadily until the connection is reestablished.

2. If the controller does not respond with a steady blink, make sure the controller has sufficient battery level. Install new batteries, if needed, and try again.

13. How to pair the hand controller with the VR headset?

You can pair the hand controller by:

1.​ Restart the VR headset.

2. Follow the instructions on the screen to wake the controller while holding it up to 0.6 meters (2 feet) from the VR headset.

3. A blue circling arrow indicates that pairing is being attempted.

4. Reaching the "desktop" requires additional time so the hand controller can pair.

14. What should I do if I cannot find, or pair to, the hand controller?

1. Ensure that the batteries do not need to be replaced. If battery level is low, then replace with new batteries.

2. Power on VR headset, and do the following:

1. From the home screen, go to the controller icon, located at the top of the screen.

2. Using VR headset confirm button, using the VR headset tracker, then click confirm button in the controller ID section.

3. Follow the prompts to reset the hand controller to the VR headset.

15. How do I turn on/off the hand controller?

Press the HOME button to wake up the Hand controller. There is no need to turn it off, as the hand controller will automatically go into sleep mode when not in use.

16. Does the hand controller "trigger key" have different sensitivity levels?

No, the trigger key has only two states: On or Off.

17. How I can change default background?

The default background comes with the Pico platform. To change it, go to Scene Manager and choose from preset background images. However, customization of the background is not available for users.