Our Company.

With operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, Pico develops innovative VR solutions which enable our users to experience the best in VR and Interactive CGI experiences.

Founded in 2015, our company has over 300 team members around the world. We love to make VR products, but more importantly, we love to see people enjoying the amazing, fun and entertaining worlds that VR enables.

Our Philosophy.

Pico Immersive focuses on creating amazing VR platforms for any application. Our mission is built around the principle of “user first design” and we design all our products with this principle in mind.

How does this principle translate to product design?

We design to remove pain points commonly associated by users with typical VR products and we design to advance VR technology beyond current barriers in the industry.

While other companies may follow, we have consistently been first to market with several innovations including the:

First two-part AIO VR headset.
First AIO VR headset with 6DoF Head and Hand Tracking.

Where we sell.

Pico Immersive focuses on enterprise solutions for business in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Specifically in the Asian region, consumers may purchase our Virtual Reality headsets for personal use also. For enquiries or information on sales in other countries, or for re-seller or distributor opportunities please contact our Business Development team.

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