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Fitness VR Games: Fun Way to Stay Fit with VR


Fitness VR Games: Fun Way to Stay Fit with VR


As virtual reality (VR) becomes more popular, developers are creating all sorts of interesting applications for this technology. One of the most exciting options is VR fitness games. Fitness games for a VR system provide a fun reason to get moving. Long after most people would've been bored of jogging around a neighborhood, gamified fitness programs encourage them to keep working out.

What Are VR Fitness Games?

When you pull on a set of VR goggles, you instantly enter an immersive gaming environment. Since VR games usually aren't played while sitting at a desk, they have some unique opportunities for fitness. People can jump, run in place, squat, and more. Some examples of ways that VR games incorporate fitness into gameplay include:

  • Dance games: These games get you moving to a beat as you hit musical notes or perform dance moves.
  • Sports games: If you love sports like tennis or football, this might be the game for you.
  • Workout games: Designed specifically for exercising, these games guide you through workout tasks.
  • Fighting games: These games encourage players to duck, dodge, weave, and bob, so you end up moving around quite a bit.

Can You Get a Good Workout with Fitness VR Games?

Standing in your living room waving controllers around might not seem like much of a workout, but the right game really burns calories. 2020 research found that playing VR games regularly improved players' balance, flexibility, and muscular strength. Compared to traditional workouts, VR games can be extremely helpful because they let you track your progress and personalize your workout.

Best Fitness VR Games on PICO Consoles

PICO 4 VR headset

What makes a good VR fitness game? First, the game should excite you enough to get you moving, boost your heart rate, and burn calories. Also, VR games should be fun to get you motivated to stay in the game and move around. The game should also be challenging—it should push you just enough to make you want to keep playing, but not so much that it makes it nearly impossible. Here are some of the popular fitness games on PICO VR.


FitXR VR game.png

Dive into the captivating world of FitXR, a standout VR game that will take your fitness routine to the next level. This immersive game offers five unique workout studios: Box, Dance, Sculpt, Combat, and HIIT. Each studio houses a variety of exciting routines led by real professional trainers who'll keep you pumped up.

FitXR adds seven new classes weekly—you'll never get bored. Want to improve your boxing skills? Focus on rhythm and precision in the Box studio. Or, if dancing is your thing, the Dance studio is a great place to improve coordination. Love working out with friends? FitXR lets you sweat it out with up to six pals. It’s where fitness meets fun.

VR Fitness One

VR Fitness One.png

Introducing VR Fitness One – a revolutionary approach to home workouts that will make you feel as though you're exercising with a personal trainer in your very own home gym. Say goodbye to mundane workout routines and videos, and embrace a professionally designed, engaging, and immersive VR experience.

VR Fitness One offers the ultimate at-home fitness solution with over 1000 personal training options, numerous virtual exotic gyms, and entertaining fitness programs. Achieve that perfect posture, sculpted six-pack, toned arms, and overall fitness effortlessly. From full-body workouts to boxing or lively cardio dance sessions, your always-encouraging personal trainer will keep you motivated.

For those seeking more depth and challenge, VR Fitness One provides customized workouts and online leaderboards. Select the muscle groups you want to target and account for any injuries using the most intelligent and immersive fitness technology available today.



Ultimechs is a free-to-play game where players take on the role of futuristic mechs fighting for sports dominance in the distant future. The game features a variety of mechs with unique weapons and abilities that can be tailored to each player’s style. Available in single-player or multiplayer mode.

Smash Drums

Smash Drums.png

Smash Drums is a one-of-a-kind VR rhythm game that lets you rock out and drum hard like never before! Embark on an extraordinary drumming adventure, causing mayhem and igniting flames across various environments. With Smash Drums, rock & roll is more alive than ever.

This innovative game features intensity-based gameplay, challenging you to tap crystal drums and obliterate the blazing drums in your path. Play 53 adrenaline-pumping rock songs in either forward or 360° modes, catering to four difficulty levels and numerous modifiers.

Experience the excitement of smashing through 9 unique environments in single-player mode, including a prison, a rock concert, and even the Moon! Unleash your inner rock star with Smash Drums and immerse yourself in this electrifying VR experience.

Racket NX

Racket NX.png

Racket NX uses realistic physics to create a whole new sport for fitness enthusiasts. The game uses a racket and tractor beam to slam a ball into targets around a giant glass dome. The focus on precision and coordination makes the gameplay intriguing if you like more skill-based games. As you play, you'll find that this game works out shoulders, arms, legs, and more.

All in One Sports VR

All in One Sports VR.png

All-in-One Sports VR is a comprehensive fitness program for VR sports enthusiasts. It includes multiple sports, such as baseball, ping pong, bowling, golf, tennis, and volleyball, and all sports follow official Olympic rules. With so many games to pick from, it's easy to choose which areas of your body you want to work out. Player customization features and five different difficulty levels make this game work for all gamers. Since the developers prioritize realistic gameplay and physics, it's fantastic if you love sports but prefer to exercise at home.

Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis.png

This video game brands itself as "the ultimate table tennis simulator," and it definitely lives up to the hype. Body tracking, authentic ball physics, and an immersive environment make for a great experience. You can adjust the settings to change ball speed, types of table tennis shots, and speed of ball return, so it's easy to create the perfect workout for your needs. This game works particularly well for upper body strength and cardio. Thanks to the addition of multiplayer, it's easy to get competitive and exercise regularly.

Les Mills Body Combat

Les Mills Body Combat .png

Les Mills BODYCOMBAT is a high-energy martial-arts inspired workout guiding players through combat moves from karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, and others. It's brought into VR from the popular BODYCOMBAT live programs that promise to help people burn up to 570 calories per class. Not only do you get access to professional coaches, but you also get to work out in gorgeous environments on more than 50 workout sessions that range from beginner to advanced in different durations, and target a variety of muscle groups!


Ultimately, VR has the potential to revolutionize the fitness industry. VR games let you incorporate fun games into a healthy lifestyle. If you want access to the best VR features on the market, PICO consoles are the way to go. Check out our latest VR consoles to get started on your fitness journey.

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